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*Renewed/*New for SY 2018-19

Club Name Meeting day/time Place How often email: Cost Student Rep.
Abundance of Books Fri. 7:00-7:45 F110 Monthly Carrie. Denman $0 Tessy Fletcher
Anime Club Thu. 3:20-4:40pm D211 Weekly Matthew.Solak $0 Marisa Wetzel
Best Robotics Tue 3:15-3:45pm F212 Weekly Derek Stasiak $10 John Korhel
Beyond the Border Tue. 3:15-4:00pm F210-11  Starts 9/18 Weekly Kara.Schultz $0 Yibo Yang
Bible Study Thu. 7:30-8:25am E206 Weekly Dan.Simington $0 Veronica Knott
Bowling Club Wed. 4:00pm Celebrity Lanes Weekly Jeremy.Dorr Pay Own Tyler Seeley
Charity Club Mon. 3:20-4:00pm D114 Weekly Lindsey.Feit $0 Erin Case
Chemistry Club Wed. 3:15-4:30pm E215 Other Nick.Ciarvella $0 Marlo Hemerson/Brogan Carey
Chess Club Tue. 3:10-4:40pm M3 Weekly Ander.Pierce $0 Aaron Wulfing
Chinese Club 1st Wed 7:45-8:15am D211 Monthly Matthew.Solak $0 Connor Moore
Chinese National Honor Society TBD   Monthly Matthew.Solak 30  
Clay Club Thu. 3:10-4:30pm B100 Starts 8/30 Bi-Weekly Kalen.Thornton $15 supplies Emma Weffald
Cocoa for Kids Fri. 3:20-4:00pm D101 - Starts 9/28 Bi-weekly  Alanna.Cohen $0 Camille McCowan
Cornhole Club Wed 3:30-4:30pm F111 Weekly Brooke.West $0 Brandon Clark/Ryan Kennedy
Crazies Club 2nd Thu. 8-8:25am  F109 - Starts 9/13 Monthy  Jessie.VanDivier $0 Brooke Oswald/Sydney Houseman
Cricket Club Wed. 3:30-4:30pm F206 - Starts 1/23/19 Weekly Emily.Manuel $15 Aasal Rae
Dungeons & Dragons Thu. 3:10-4:40pm M3 Weekly Ander.Pierce $0 Eric Radovcich
DECA  Wed. 7:30am D110 Monthly Ricardo.Ramos $30.00  
Drone Club Wed. 3:15-4:30pm E210 Bi-weekly Ed.Watterson $0 Patrick Hamilton
ECO Club Wed. 3:15-4:15pm F202 Other Liz.Kirkpatrick $0 Sunjoi Gandhi
FBLA - Future Business Leaders of America  Thu. 7:20-8:20 am D111 Monthly Sean.Farley $30.00  
Fishing Club Wed. 3:15-4:15pm D105 Weekly Tim.Florian 0 Patrick Hamilton
French Club  Wed.  D104 Bi-Weekly Emily.Starnes $30  
Gender Sexuality Alliance Wed. 3:15-4pm E209 Bi-weekly Chris.Saiz $10 Heleyna Backes/Sophia Werner/Isabelle Ludka
Hands Across Parker Thur. 8-8:30am M8 Weekly Jen.Harvey $0 Jordan Paige
HOSA Chapter Wed. 7:15-7:50am F201 Weekly   Nick.Miles 30 Kelsey Pent
Interact Club Thu. 7:00am Post Grad Weekly Tamera.Krause $0  
International Thespian Society 1st Tue 3:30-4:00pm A208 Monthly Michelle.Leisy $30  
Legendary Chefs Fri. 3:30-5:00pm C200 - Starts 10/26 Bi-Weekly Celia.Harris $25 Veronica Knott
Legendary Productions Wed 8:00-8:25am E203 Weekly Katie.Manzanares $15 Tobias Estrella
Legend Gaming Wed. 3:10-4:50pm F212 Bi-weekly Derek.Stasiak $0 Eric Radovcich/Connor Breece
Model UN

Mon.  3:20-4:30pm

Thu. 7:30 - 8:20am

D105 Weekly Tim.Florian $0 Thomas Hasler
Mountain Bike Club T/W/Th in Fall Ponderosa HS Weekly Shelli.Hemming Prog. fee  
Mu Alpha Theta (Nat'l Math Society)  Fri 3:10-3:30 D206 Monthly Celia.Harris $30  
National Art Honors Society

1st Wed (officers

2nd Wed (all)

B104 Monthly Penke/Hunter $30

Kenar Houghton

National Honors Society  Thu. 8:00 am Theater Monthly Rachel.Stewart $30 Claire Turner/ Wyatt Glen
National English Honor Society 3rd Tuesday F110 Monthly Ashlee.Tripp $30 Sreenivas Eadara / Erin Case
National French Honors Society  Wed. 7:30-8:00am D104 Bi-weekly Emily.Starnes $30  
National Technology Honors Society TBD E204 Monthly Debbie.Tawzer 30  
Operation Smile Thu. 8-8:20am M7 Weekly Kendra Gish $0 Jessica Wenner / Krystal Tanner
Peace Club Tue. 7:15-7:50am E209 Starts 8/21 Weekly Amanda.Bucher 0 Jordan Rose
Philosophy Club Thu. 3:20-4:20pm D212 Weekly Matthew.Solack $0 Marlo Hemerson
Ping Pong Club Wed 7:30-8:00am Lower DPod Weekly Robert.Eudaily $0

Eric Hansen

Random Act of Kindness Wed 8-8:25 am C202 Weekly Tina Stroman $0 Morgan Henrichs
MATE Robotics Wed. 3:15-4:00pm E204 Weekly Debbie. Tawzer $30 Cameron Chipman
Science National Honor Society Tues 3:15-4:30pm E215 Monthly Nick. Ciarvella 30 Sreenivas Eadara
Score a Friend Tue/Wed 3:30-4:30pm C200 Starts 9/4 Monthly Julie.Hensley $15 Zoey LeCompte
SHINE Varies F110 Monthly Staci.Batterson $0 Trinity Straayer
Sign Language Mon. 3:15-4:15pm D103 Weekly Janet.PicklesVarner $0 Logan Samuels
Skills USA (CTSO) Wed/Fri 3:10pm F203 Weekly Krista.Tongren $30 CTE Required
Spanish National Honor Society  Tue 7:25-7:45 am Theater Monthly Walsh/Schamberger $30 Sophia Roning
Speech & Debate Club Tues. 3:15-4:30 F112/F211 Starts 9/4 Weekly Jared.White $30 Jacey Gabbard
Student Library Advisory Council Wed. 7:45-8:30am Library Bi-weekly Carrie.Denman $0 Megan Carroll
Tri-M Music Honor Society TBD A200 Monthly Kurt. Stroman $30 Ashley Joplin
TSA (Technology Student Association) 

Wed. 7:00am & 3:20pm

E 204 Weekly Debbie.Tawzer $30.00  
Writing Club Wed. 3:30-4:45pm Library Weekly Carrie.Denman 0

Marisa Wetzel

Yoga Club Wed. 3:20-4:30pm C202 Weekly Tina.Stroman 0 Olivia Daniels/Ciera Johnson

Is your CLUB coming back this year??

If so, please complete the Club Charter for SY2018-19 (online form link here)  paper copies of forms will be in Activity Office.